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Hypnosis: Drug-Free Help That Really Works
If you'd rather not swallow pills for your chronic pain or insomnia…or you’re looking for a natural way to keep your blood sugar or blood pressure at healthy levels…or you're dreading an uncomfortable dental or other medical procedure looming in your future—here's something you might not have considered that really helps: It's hypnosis.
Our top experts in the Bottom Line Guide to Hypnosis show you a wonderful new way to be healthy. Because while this therapy may already be familiar to you as a way to lose weight or quit smoking, you might be surprised by the many other proven ways that safe, painless hypnosis can help you have a much healthier, happier life. For instance, hypnosis can diminish the abdominal pain of irritable bowel syndrome….enhance the effectiveness of medications…reduce the need for narcotics after surgery…alleviate cancer therapy side effects such as fatigue, and pain…relieve allergies and skin conditions….help banish phobias…reduce anxiety...and more.

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