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“The level of service is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by Ryszard and the results I have achieved in my business. Thank you!”
Mark B

Ryszard, I am not very good at these but I will try my best. 

After 5 years of marriage I wasn't completely satisfied with my sex life with my spouse, so after learning about Ryszard and getting the courage to go to him for some hypnotherapy I am very pleased to say that my sex life has improved greatly. I am more relaxed and have found it more enjoyable and am very much pleased with the results from my hypnosis session with Ryszard, my husband is even more pleased with it.  He also helped me have more confidence in myself, though I am still a very shy person I find that I am more confident in talking to people I normally wouldn't talk to. I recommend hypnotherapy to anyone. 
Jennifer S.

Good morning. I have had the most amazing, peaceful spirit, more so than I've ever known. I have felt so light and so free! You gave me the most amazing gift I could ever receive. I have been looking at every decision I make with a new set of eyes. I'm literally in shock and awe. Thank you for taking me on that journey of discovery and healing.  
I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for our session on Saturday. I immediately started feeling more comfortable and confident interacting with people - truly and genuinely I feel excited to exchange and converse with others. I have a feeling of happiness and a purpose to have fun and enjoy. I hope this feeling never wears off, I just arrived at work and am looking forward to seeing how this fits into my professional life. I no longer obsess about what people are thinking about me every time I talk to them, I feel somewhat carefree in that regard and care more about what they are thinking of themselves. Thank you! I hope your voice continues to stick in my head, but if I get "worn" down by life -- I'm coming back to see you.

Just a few examples of the subtle improvements I feel inside. We went jogging yesterday, and for some reason my stamina and endurance had increased. I felt like I could do anything I wanted to do at that moment -- if I wanted to jog the whole time I could have, if I wanted to walk I could -- I chose to do both, because I have the control independent of other people's thoughts, feelings and judgments.

I went to a birthday party on Saturday, and felt excited to go. Typically I would experience some anxiety about going, but I felt totally comfortable, at ease and had a great time. Thank you again, and I will definitely tell others about the way I feel, and how it has changed my life. I know it has only been two weeks, but I wonder how I ever lived differently, not feeling the way I feel now -- it was always inside me, you just unlocked the full potential. Thank you again, and I will keep you posted with emails.
Rose F.
I hope your travels are well.  I wanted to give you an update on how my studying has been going, how I’m feeling, etc.Over the weekend I felt a bit overwhelmed as I found myself in doubt wondering how I would get through the remaining study materials.  However, I was able to focus and separate out each section to review each day (I’m pretty sure I heard your voice J).  I am feeling much better and have really been able to concentrate during my studies this week. I have to tell you something funny.  When I was visualizing the testing center during my session with you, I visualized the door to the testing center as BRIGHT yellow (not sure why I think I connected it to happiness and sunshine).  I visited the testing center yesterday so I would know where to go and not feel any kind of tension on the day of the test worrying about finding the place.  I didn’t go inside but peeked through the window to see the cubicles and testing desks.  On every cubicle hung a pair of BRIGHT yellow headphones!!  I thought it was so funny and it actually comforted me to feel some kind of connection to my session with you and visualizing my testing day. Anyway, thought I would share that with you as I found it to be quite interesting.Take care,
Ryszard, I did it! I passed the test!! I am ecstatic right now!!
Thank you for all of your encouragement. It helped a lot!
Barbra C.

So I wanted to let you know I passed my test.  It has been a whirlwind since then I am just getting the time to sit and write you this email.
After my last session with you I was so calm and relaxed and it was much needed.  I knew going home I was going to pass and I had nothing to worry about.  I was not able to sleep great however due to being so excited to take the test and get it done with which I found amazing and exciting.  Much different from before where I felt the anxiety of just thinking about the exam.  The morning of the test I still felt the excitement and I remember just wanting to get it over with.  It felt like when you were a kid and you knew you were going on vacation and you just could not wait.  When I got to the testing center I had a little bit of time and I took a few minutes to take some quick notes but then I went in and started the exam and as I was going through the exam the answers did come to me and I was so comfortable knowing I did all I could and prepared as best as I could.  Even at the end of the test where I thought for sure I would hesitate pushing the button saying I was done I did not I hit done and knew before the screen came up I had done it and it was all over.  Seriously I have never felt so confident in my abilities and it felt so good. Thanks
Melissa M. PHR
P.S. Can I make another appointment for myself to come see you so I can work on my eating disorder.  I would like to see what we can do as I can not live like this anymore.  Your truly amazing and I am so glad Frances told me about you.
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