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I can now say that I am excited to wake up in the mornings and see what the day will bring me, I am no longer afraid of the day because I know that I can face anything that I want/need to. I am actually able to look in the mirror in the mornings and instead of seeing the bad qualities about myself, I finally see the good. Throughout my life I remember going to stores, or appointments and random people telling either my mom or I how beautiful I was, and how beautiful my smile was, the crazy thing is though, people would tell me this, but whenever I looked in the mirror I didn't see the beautiful girl they saw, I just saw my bad qualities, until now, I can actually look in the mirror and see how beautiful I really am which, is such an amazing feeling. Although, sometimes I do catch my thoughts trying to tell me the bad things about myself, but as soon as I notice it, I am able to fight it and I just tell myself the good things which, I have never been able to do that so I really am truly amazed. This experience really has changed my way of thinking and I really am so thankful.


The rare talent of Ryszard Palka is unlike anything I've come across in my extensive search for self improvement. Whether it be physical, psychological, or even spiritual, Ryszard knows how to guide one deeper into themselves. It is far from the stereotypical speculations of hypnosis being a form of mind control and it goes deeper than auto suggestion. I was very skeptical when I first came to him but I went with an open mind. This worked heavily in my favor. I was never once unconscious as I would have expected. The whole process was him guiding me to the parts of my conscience that I was aware of but could never access on my own. It is not like psychological therapy or an alternative spirituality. He guided me into my own deeper self like one teaching someone how to meditate. He guided me to a part of myself that gave me greater strength in decision making, greater discipline, and greater piece of mind. I have had a plethora of deep personal situations that I found myself unable to cope with. He helped me find a solution within myself. It was not a cure-all or magic wand but a tool for finding my own truth and my own solutions to my own problems. Everyone noticed a greater peace and calmness in my demeanor even though some of the problems still existed. I recommend his services to anyone with the will to try. No harm can come from trying.


My wife was going through a double dose of depression from baby blues and the recent death of her sister. She'd go from so depressed she couldn't get dressed in the morning to being angry at everyone and everything. I knew we had to do something. So, I took her to Ryszard for a session of hypnosis. When she went in, there was a black cloud around her. When she came out, the look in her eyes was that of clarity and calm. She still had a few days afterwards of frustration but she could work her way out of them on her own instead of falling deeper into the darkness, depression, and anger.
I recommend Ryszard and A2Z Hypnosis to anyone who wants the tools to overcome just about any mental challenge.

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